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The newest member of the distinguished jazz flutists !

– Edward Blanco
   (All About Jazz)

Orkestra Eustoria Album review: 'HyperGiant Hi-Fi'

TURKISH STAR! by "Jazz" Magazine (Turkish & ENG)

"UNLOCK Vol.I The Jazz Flute" by Sarpay Özçağatay

reviewed by Flute Journal

"Unexpectable" by Sarpay Özçağatay

Review by Edward Blanco ( All About Jazz )

Interview with Miyazawa Flutes

“Unexpectable” by Sarpay Özçağatay

Reviewed by Flute Journal

Interview with College Practicing

Interview with Miyazawa Flutes

Interview with The Flute View

Jazz Revelation Records "Birds of a Feather"

Terri Lyne Carrington Interview with her student, Sarpay Özçağatay

"Unexpectable" by Sarpay Özçağatay - yeah, uh-huh review

Interview with Sultan Magazine (Turkish)

Star Newspaper (Turkish)

Flüt Kulübü Interview (Turkish)

Cazkolik interview by Saygın Mehmet Çağlar (Turkish)

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Interview with ODTU Jazz (in Turkish)
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