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Sarpay Özçağatay is a Grammy nominated flutist, an author, a performer, clinician, and recording artist. 


His self-produced debut album of original compositions, Unexpectable, was released in 2013. It was well received by leading jazz critics and broadcasters in blogs, jazz radio, newspapers, and flute magazines. Özçağatay is an artist at Japanese flute company Miyazawa Flutes and is also endorsed by Applied Microphone and the Ton Kooiman thumb rest company. One of the British flute makers, TJ made alto flute for Özçağatay and engraving the "SharpEye" on it.  

He works as part-time Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music, where he has been teaching private lessons and labs.

As an educator, in addition to his workshops and extensive online presence, Özçağatay is a former jazz chair of the National Flute Association and has served as a judge at their jazz competitions. In 2014, Özçağatay won the 1st prize in Jazz Soloist category of the NFA's competition. 


In 2016, he published 6 flute method books for jazz and classical players.  The UNLOCK series (5 volumes) and
JAZZ LICKS Comprehensive Studies for Flute & C Instruments, were recognized quickly by many professional jazz and classical flutists and musicians around the world, and is sold over 40 countries. 

The first volume from the UNLOCK series was selected the best jazz flute method book by the Book Authority.

Özçağatay's extensive online presence is followed by flute students and professionals worldwide.

His unique flute playing skills hold both jazz and classical degrees together from Hacettepe University State Conservatory (BA), majoring in Classical Flute Performance, and Berklee College of Music, majoring in Jazz Flute Performance.  

Özçağatay has performed countless concerts at prestigious jazz and world music venues, and at music festivals with Grammy Award–winning artists and internationally acclaimed musicians from all over the world.

As a recording artist, he has been performing on many albums as both a leader and a sideman.

He created the JAZZ FLUTE TV educational YouTube channel in 2022, where he has been serving as an educator exclusively to its members. 

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