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Concertizing International Flute Soloist Professor of Flute and Chamber Music at Juilliard School
Stony Brook University

NFA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Naumburg and Concert Artists Guild Laureate

All thanks and congratulations go to Mr. OZCAGATAY for the creation of his new book for all jazz and classical flutists. In a very sophisticated, detailed and thorough manner, Mr. Ozcagatay has presented a comprehensive and creative excursion that will prove to be both educational and inspirational. With the "dawn of the age" of classical flutists, Such as myself, who yearn to learn more and more about the improvisation process, I will enjoy such a volume for years to come.



2013 Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient
2016 Honorary Doctorate recipient in Fine Arts from The University of Notre Dame
10X Grammy Award Winner & Emmy Award Recipient
6X Billboard Award Winner
2015 Hispanic Heritage Award Recipient

Congratulations for such excellent work, music learner around the world will appreciate it immensely. Your dedication, your love, and respect for music are highly admired. I hope that a lot of musicians will get your book and learn a lot from it. 




Flutist & Song Writer & Recording Artist

My friend and jazz-flutist extraordinaire Sarpay Ozcagatay (aka “SharpEye”) has written a long-anticipated and exhaustive treatise on the jazz flute called “Unlock The Jazz Flute, Vol.1” which, in my opinion, should be a must-have book for any aspiring jazz flutist! There are no other books like this anywhere, and I’m heartened and optimistic that this will serve to widen the hitherto scarce educational literature going forward. 


Berklee College of Music Woodwind Department Chair (former), Saxophonist, Art Blakey Jazz Messengers


This is a creative and precise methodology that has been developed by gifted flutist Sarpay Özçagatay. Anyone interested into an insightful approach to modern improvisation should consider this book.

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